[Coming Soon] Anaerobic Digestion Plant Techniques Technologies and Innovations

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DateDec 24, 2018
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Why all Anaerobic Digestion plants are different - featured image and thumbnail for Anaerobic Digestion Techniques, Technologies and Innovations video course.

In this intermediate level training course we move beyond the basics of anaerobic digestion and biogas production to:

– the main types of anaerobic digestion (AD) plant designs which have been available over the last 10 years or more
– the relative advantages and disadvantages of the traditional biogas digester design types
– the innovations, and new technology set to revolutionize the AD industry
– the opportunities unfolding for the AD and biogas/ biomethane industry

The course is intended for waste management and renewable energy professionals, research students and policy makers.

If you are new to the AD and biogas industry we suggest that you complete our first course in AD basics, and Introduction the Anaerobic Digestion, first, before moving on to this our second course.

Section 1Traditional AD Plant Process Functions and Types
Lecture 1Introduction to AD Plant Variations - Diversity in Functions Techniques and Feedstocks (Temporary Video)
Lecture 2The Main Categories of Continuous AD Plant Processes
Lecture 3Plug Flow and Laminar Flow Reactors
Lecture 4Batch Processes and Dry Anaerobic Digestion
Lecture 5Thermophilic and Mesophilic AD (Temporary Video)
Lecture 6AD Processes with Primary Function for Biogas Production and for Treatment
Section 2The 4 Most Popular Community/ Developing Nation AD Plant Types
Lecture 7Buried Masonry AD Plant (e.g. Artie)
Lecture 8Covered Lagoon (e.g. Agstar)
Lecture 9Plastic Tube Digester (Temporary Video)
Lecture 10Drum Type Digester
Section 3Innovations in AD Process Technology
Lecture 11Innovations in AD Process Technology
Section 4Innovations in Add-on Processes
Lecture 12Introduction to Digester Efficiency Enhancement Add-ons
Lecture 13Hydrolysis
Lecture 14Destructor/ Alternative Lysis Technology
Lecture 15Pre and Post Digester - Pasteurization