An Introduction to the Principles of Anaerobic Digestion

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DateDec 23, 2018
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Intended for beginners who are new to the subject of anaerobic digestion and biogas production. This course is suitable for:

– college students who wish to understand the background to anaerobic digestion and biogas production
– those seeking to run their own home or community digester, and
– professionals such as farmers, and businessmen who are considering investing in their own anaerobic digestion (biogas) plant.

This is a course, created especially for the AD Training Club, and is based upon a compilation of our existing YouTube videos on the subject.

On completing this training course you will be:

– able to explain the basic concepts of the anaerobic digestion process and biogas production
– aware of the benefits of the anaerobic digestion process and biogas production, and of some of the disadvantages
– ready to move on to our next course, which goes into more detail.

You will find some repetition of subjects in this training. That’s because the videos were made for general use originally, but if enough people show an interest in these free courses we will create new videos specifically for future courses.

Please give us your feedback on what you think of this course.

Some sections of this course have not been created yet.  If you would like to see this course completed use our Contact form to give us feedback and if enough people ask us for the course to be completed we will do so.

Section 1What is Anaerobic Digestion?
Lecture 1An Explanation of the Anaerobic Digestion Process
Lecture 2What Happens Inside a Digester
Lecture 3The Function and Benefits of Anaerobic Digestion Plants in Agriculture
Lecture 4The Function and Benefits of Anaerobic Digestion Plants in Water Treatment (Sewage Sludges)
Lecture 5The Function and Benefits of Anaerobic Digestion Plants for Food Waste
Lecture 6The Functions and Benefits of Anaerobic Digestion for Industrial Effluent Treatment
Section 2Anaerobic Digestion Plants and How They Work
Lecture 7How Anaerobic Digestion Plants Work Step by Step
Lecture 8Anaerobic Digestion (Biogas) Plant Construction and Working Stages
Section 3The Benefits of Anaerobic Digestion to Society
Lecture 9Advantages of Biogas in Developing Nations
Lecture 10The Benefits of Biogas as a Cooking Fuel
Lecture 11Benefits from US Dairy Farm Anaerobic Digesters
Lecture 12How Farm Anaerobic Digestion can Reduce Greenhouse Gas Emissions
Lecture 13The Need for Nutrient Recycling and "Complete" Recycling Using Anaerobic Digestion