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Image introduces the HomeBiogas Training Course.

HomeBiogas™ – Turn Your Waste Into Clean Energy

This training course provides the student or anyone researching home biogas products a rapid understanding of the highly successful HomeBiogas™ biogas digesters Models 1 and 2. This course is practically un-missable for anyone who is considering installing a Home Biogas Digester! However, you will need a budget of $500 to $1,000 to spend… (We suggest […]

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Image: Simple DIY biogas digester thumbnail image.

How to Make and Use the Simplest of All DIY Home Biogas Plants

This is the simplest type of home biogas plant installation we have been able to find. Nevertheless, as long as: the digester is fed regularly (preferably at least daily) the climate is warm (the temperature of the digester should be kept above a minimum of 18 degrees C) a usable quantity of biogas can be […]

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Image showing benefits of anaerobic digestion manure management.

The Benefits of Anaerobic Digestion

This short course is for anyone who is interested in anaerobic digestion, and would like to learn quickly the full range of benefits, which go far beyond just energy production. We recommend this to anyone just starting out on considering whether they wish to do further work to investigate whether the adoption of the technology […]

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Featured image for the Principles of Anaerobic digestion training course .

An Introduction to the Principles of Anaerobic Digestion

Intended for beginners who are new to the subject of anaerobic digestion and biogas production. This course is suitable for: – college students who wish to understand the background to anaerobic digestion and biogas production – those seeking to run their own home or community digester, and – professionals such as farmers, and businessmen who […]

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Why all Anaerobic Digestion plants are different - featured image and thumbnail for Anaerobic Digestion Techniques, Technologies and Innovations video course.

[Coming Soon] Anaerobic Digestion Plant Techniques Technologies and Innovations

In this intermediate level training course we move beyond the basics of anaerobic digestion and biogas production to: – the main types of anaerobic digestion (AD) plant designs which have been available over the last 10 years or more – the relative advantages and disadvantages of the traditional biogas digester design types – the innovations, […]

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